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I'm Jerri - an avid journaler, writer, author, podcaster, and entrepreneur.

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Here you'll find a smorgasbord of tiny courses that will fit into your busy schedule. The courses span from business to creative and everything in between.


Because we are multidimensional beings. As business owners and creatives, we are almost required to wear all the hats. 

And there are no rules that say we can't be creative and hold more "practical" skills, too. Though everyone wants us to niche. 

Let's get started!

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Available Courses

Overcoming Barriers to Journaling

Have you always wanted to start a journaling practice?

Have you tried to start a journaling practice but couldn't get it established?

Then this is the course for you! 

Making a Canva template Your Own!

Want to use a Canva template, but don't want to look like everyone else? Here's how!

All About Canva Text Boxes!

Text is important to get your information across and to drive action. Learn a few tricks to make it easier to make your text stand out!

Creating Simple Graphics in Canva Without a Template

Want to start making your own graphics in Canva but don't know how to begin? Let's work on a couple together!

All About Fonts!

How you present your text is just as important as what you say. Learn how to make the most impact with your words with the fonts you select!

The Importance of Brand Colors

You've heard color selection for your brand is important, but how important is it? Let's chat about it. 

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