Canva Basics Bundle

This bundle is the best value! You're getting all three Canva classes almost for the price of two. That's a great deal!

You'll have access to:

Making Canva Templates Your Own!:

Do you want to use Canva templates but don't want to look like everyone else on social media?

No worries!

I'll show you a few simple changes can make a template look more personalized to you and your brand!

We will look at a couple of templates I've used recently and how I changed them to match my brand. 

I give a few extra juicy tricks to design your graphics while I walk you through the process of editing a template right in Canva!

All About Canva Text Boxes!:

Canva is designed to make it easy for non-graphic designers to create beautiful graphics. And it is easy to get started! But you'll want to know these things to help your text stand out!

In this mini-course, we'll:

  • Resize text boxes
  • Align them on the graphic
  • Learn how to use two different font types in a sentence
  • Position the text boxes for access
  • Learn about line and letter spacing

Whew! That's a lot! But don't worry! I'll be with you every step of the way, plus I give you some downloads to help you once you leave the classroom. 

Creating Simple Canva Graphics Without a Template!:

Do you want to make your own graphics in Canva without a template? You're in the right place!

In this mini-course, we'll create a couple of graphics beginning from a blank canvas by:

  • Selecting a background
  • Adding some text
  • And learning a few tricks to make the text show up

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