Write Your First Poem

Write Your First Poem

A poet I know told me that writing poetry saved her life. She was able to express her feelings through words on the page, which allowed her to free herself from them. 

Poetry has so many benefits: emotional expression, mental health, leadership, critical thinking, making connections, and beyond! 

If you have ever wanted to write poetry, this class is for you. 

During our time together we'll:

  • Discuss some of the basics of poetry.
  • Explore poetry exercises.
  • Look for inspiration for our poems.
  • Edit poems.
  • Plus more!

AND, you have the opportunity to send me a poem for encouraging feedback if you select the option for Class and Poetry Feedback.  

Class launches on 2 May 2022! Are you ready?

1 Module

Write Your First Poem

On 2 May 2022, you will be automatically added to the course and I will send an email to let you know the class is open and ready for you to start learning about and writing poetry!

See you soon!

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